• Stratfit Digital features a uniquely intuitive system for programming training variables. 

    SF Digital's unique functionality allows coaches/trainers to easily control training loads at the activity, day, and weekly levels.

    SF Digital features a proprietary analytics system to empower trainers/coaches to easily peak certain abilities in the clients/athletes/ to ensure success.

    SF Digital allows trainers/coaches to build detailed programs up to 26 weeks (half a year) in length. 

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  • What makes Stratfit Different?

    SF Digital features the most comprehensive scheme for defining and measuring the training potency for the main physiological abilities; speed-strength, power, strength, etc.

    SF Digital's grading system for training intensity, reps, and loads makes building precise training progressions fun and intuitive.

    Our analytics system provides the most relevant data in the most straightforward and useful way. 

    Our training autoregulation system makes in-gym program management a breeze.

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This is the all in one system you have been looking for to take your business to the next level. Join the Stratfit team!

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