• Be the ceo of fitness

    Developing fitness is a serious enterprise. With StratFit Digital you set loading budgets for Training Weeks and Days like a CEO sets monetary budgets for projects. The Loads of training activities (Squat, Bench Press, Snatch, etc.) debit from the balance of the training day, and sports practice, competition, and training day Loads debit from the balance of the week. You effortlessly organize it all into 6-month cycles.

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  • Develop Specific Abilities exactly when you need them

    When you enter the particular intensity and reps for each training activity, StratFit will let you know what ability you're developing in your athlete. Peaking Speed, Power, Max Strength, and Muscular Endurance will be a matter-of-fact process.

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Set Strength goals and let stratfit digital do the rest

StratFit Digital gives you tools to estimate current 1 Rep Maximums for any exercise and set clear, achievable 1RM 6 month goals Finally, Hercules has some help.


Design Perfect training strategies with stratfit digital

Build out your strategy

personalize and regulate training

Your strategy for success

With StratFit Digital Your Success is Just a 3-Step Process.


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Our commitment to you

At StratFit we guarantee we will be there to make sure your strategy is a success!


Under the Hood

You 're ready to start your fitness enterprise, but you're a pro and you need to know more. Go ahead, take a look under the hood.

StratFit Digital Guide

Download our Training Strategy Design Fundamentals PDF for free now!

In this PDF you will learn:
-About the Fundamental and Foundational variables of training
-How to use precisely prescribe Loads to peak athletes
-How to use Intensity and Reps per set to develop Specific Abilities


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