Trainers: You are the CEO of your Athletes' Fitness

Trainers: You are the CEO of your Athletes' Fitness

Trainers: You are the CEO of your Athletes' Fitness

The buck stops with the Chief Executive Officer in any business of size.  CEOs make the big decisions to make sure the company moves successfully toward its purpose.  

A business will have specific goals across time that lead to its purpose, and the CEO will consult with their staff and decide on specific projects that will achieve the goals in the allotted time.  They will set monetary budgets for the projects, and the money represents the energy required to complete the project successfully.  We call money a “currency,” and we say energy moves and functions in electrical “currents.”

Any achievement is purchased in a particular currency.  The currency of training is Loading.  Strength & Conditioning coaches and personal trainers prescribe Loading to “purchase” adaptations that lead to improvements in performance towards their athletes’/clients’ goals.

If you are a trainer with an athlete(s) who wants to become a champion(s), you are joining their quest for greatness; this is a serious position.     

With StratFit Digital, you become the CEO of their fitness in this quest.  You can precisely schedule goals and design training weeks and days as projects toward these goals.

You set Loading budgets for the weeks and days and design individual training activities with certain intensities, reps, and sets to develop specific abilities to manifest optimal performance profiles at particular times according to the goal schedule.


Each StratFit Digital file is set up for six months of programming, and you can easily link files to design entire training years, four-year Olympic cycles and even model entire athletic careers.  Our 1 Rep Maximum Goal tool helps you project strength gains for every lift across the quest.  You can project training weights across any period of time. 

At StratFit, our purpose with StratFit Digital is to empower you to fully explore your creativity in training program design by empowering you with the most intuitive technological system ever created.  We know when we put our system in the hands of great and aspiring trainers and coaches, the achievements of athletes and clients across the world will reach new heights.

We are limiting subscriptions to our first version to 50 elite coaches.  We see the StratFit Digital “OG 50” as partners in our quest to end the chaos of fragmentation of science and technology that has until now enveloped the fitness industry.  

If you are ready to explore your professional creativity and take the CEO role in your athletes'/clients' personal quests, JOIN US! now.  When you become part of this elite tribe, you will be awarded a unique serialized NFT for lifetime access to StratFit Digital.


When we fuse our technology, your creativity, and your athletes' quests, we know we will have created the catalyst for the fitness industry and the world of human achievement to forever ACHIEVE BEYOND.

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