StratFit Digital: A New Revolutionary Training Programming Software

StratFit Digital: A New Revolutionary Training Programming Software

StratFit Digital: A New Revolutionary Training Programming Software

StratFit Digital is the new revolutionary training programming software to take fitness development to new levels of strategic design and implementation.  Over the past decade, I have spent the bulk of the hours of my life studying the most important works of training science.  My purpose is to create an entire system of applied mathematics to empower strength and conditioning coaches to take their craft to the next level.  StratFit Digital is the first product of my effort.

The foundational variable of training programming is stress.  We apply stress strategically to recover from to develop fitness.  A more precise word for training stress is the training “Load.”  At its core. StratFit has a revolutionary equation for calculating the Internal Training Load from training reps, sets, activities, sessions, days, microcycles, and beyond.  The load system is an innovation from the principles of Prilepin’s chart.

The Load is the root value of the entire technoscientific supersystem of Strategic Fitness.  Just as Energy and Einstien’s foundational equation for it is the root and trunk from which the science of relativity and quantum mechanics arise, the load is the root of the applied science of performance.


Our first version of StratFit Digital enables coaches to strategize loads at the mini activity-set, activity, day, and microcycle training unit levels.


We allow coaches to see each training unit's primary adaptation (Speed-Strength, Power, Strength-Speed, Strength, Mass, or Burn).  Coaches can synchronize loads and ability development precisely with an athlete’s competitive schedule to ensure peak performance where it matters most: the field of play.  Boxing and MMA coaches can peak power and power endurance for fight night, and football, baseball, basketball, and hockey coaches can build and maintain versatile power across the competitive season.  Bodybuilders can strategize mass gaining across any period to ensure they step on stage as big and ripped as possible.

With StratFit Digital, coaches get a God’s eye view of the loading and abilities topography of the program across 26 weeks, allowing for precise periodization.  Our uniquely comprehensive intensity, reps per set, and loading prescription functionality makes for an entirely intuitive experience for strength & conditioning professionals.  Aspiring coaches will learn about training variable control naturally while building training strategies; our purpose with StratFit Digital is to help the best perfect their craft and take the aspiring to the best level.


Our purpose across time with StratFit Digital is to empower coaches to use their foresight and forethought to prescribe every training variable far in advance, then enable them with AI technology to autoregulate every variable of the training strategy in real-time.  The combination of complete long-term prescriptive control and precise real-time regulation will take athletes to levels of achievement previously unimagined.

Launching the first version of StratFit Digital is a step for us as the supersystem of training technoscience. We hope you and your athletes will join our journey as we innovate technology, develop scientific concepts, and peak athletes, so the world of performance can forever Achieve Beyond.

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