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Trainers and Athletes deserve to excel as scientific professionals and to and be on the cutting-edge of technology. StratFit Digital is your weapon in that battle.


let's defeat the chaos

Right now Chaos reigns over our industry. There is too much software to choose from, but nothing fully integrative. There are entire libraries of training science, and this overabundance of information is inhibiting. StartFit Digital is here to work with you to defeat CHAOS and take your business and clients to the next level.

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Meet The Founder


Let's create the system of technoscience for the fitness world.

The 19th century saw the genesis of physical training science when renowned strongmen began using a barbell to systematically build strength. The 20th century saw the full development of the theoretical world of training science through the systematic work of training scientists in perfecting the preparation of Olympic athletes and through the hard-earned trial-and-error knowledge of weightlifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders. In the 21st century, digital technology affords us the opportunity to take that whole theoretical world of knowledge and put it to direct use for athletes and clients in every gym in the world. My purpose is to create the applied mathematical system and accompanying technology to put the power of the most advanced scientific concepts into the palm of every coach and trainer.

  • your weapon against chaos

    With StratFit Digital you will reach your potential as a Strength & Conditioning professional.

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  • Power Training Arsenal

    Maximum Explosive Strength, Maximum Acceleration Strength. Super POWER. Take the Field in GOD MODE.

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