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What motivated Daniel to start stratfit?

The 19th century saw the genesis of physical training science when renowned strongmen began using a barbell to systematically build strength. The 20th century saw the full development of the theoretical world of training science through the systematic work of training scientists in perfecting the preparation of Olympic athletes and through the hard-earned trial-and-error knowledge of weightlifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders. In the 21st century, digital technology affords us the opportunity to take that whole theoretical world of knowledge and put it to direct use for athletes and clients in every gym in the world. My purpose is to create the applied mathematical system and accompanying technology to put the power of the most advanced scientific concepts into the palm of every coach and trainer.

About Us

We are the applied science of physical training

We have created the complete applied science of physical training Experienced trainers need tech to better apply their knowledge, and rookies need a more natural way to learn. Clients deserve an objective system to ensure they get the most out of their gym time and money. Al has the power to unshackle trainers' income from time, and to optimize clients ' training processes in real-time.


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